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Reolink Argus 2E Camera


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Are you looking for a security camera that’s totally wire-free, rechargeable, solar-powered, and has a stunning 1080p Full HD resolution? Look no further than the Reolink Argus 2E Camera.

This camera is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, with a 120° wide viewing angle and stunning night vision capabilities. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your home, office, or outdoor areas, the Argus 2E has you covered.

One of the most impressive features of the Argus 2E is its totally wire-free operation. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can place the camera virtually anywhere without needing to worry about cords or wires.

This makes it ideal for outdoor use, as you won’t need to worry about running wires through your yard or garden. It’s also perfect for indoor use, as you won’t need to worry about unsightly cords cluttering up your space.

Reolink Argus 2E Camera

Another great feature of the Argus 2E is its rechargeable battery. This means that you won’t need to worry about constantly replacing batteries, as you can simply recharge the battery whenever it runs low.

And if you’re concerned about running out of power, you can also opt to power the camera using solar energy. This is a great feature for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs.

  • Totally Wire-Free Over Wi-Fi
  • Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Stunning Night Vision
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Built-in Siren
  • IP65 Certified Weatherproof
Reolink Argus 2E Camera

When it comes to video quality, the Reolink Argus 2E Camera is top-notch. With 1080p Full HD resolution, you’ll be able to see every detail with incredible clarity.

And thanks to the camera’s 120° wide viewing angle, you’ll be able to see a large area with just one camera. This makes it ideal for monitoring large outdoor areas, such as your backyard or driveway.

But the Argus 2E isn’t just about video quality. It also has stunning night vision capabilities, allowing you to see clearly even in low-light conditions.

And with 2-way audio, you can communicate with anyone on the other end of the camera, whether you’re at home or on the go. This makes it a great option for keeping an eye on your pets or communicating with visitors.

Day & Night Vision in 1080p Full HD

Argus 2E delivers stunning videos backed by a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor. It doesn’t rest when you sleep. Infrared LEDs illuminate the surroundings for stunning night vision.

One of the most convenient features of the Argus 2E is its ability to be accessed from anywhere, at any time with the Reolink App/Client.

With live view capabilities, you can check in on your camera from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This means that you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re away on vacation or at work.

Reolink security cameras

Security is also a top priority with the Reolink Argus 2E Camera. It comes equipped with a PIR motion sensor, which can detect movement and trigger real-time alerts. And if you’re concerned about intruders, the camera also has a built-in siren that can be triggered remotely.

Additionally, the camera has motion detection recording capabilities, so you can review footage of any detected movements.

reolink app/client

Lastly, the Argus 2E is IP65-certified weatherproof, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Whether you’re dealing with rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, you can rest assured that your camera will continue to function properly.

And if you’re concerned about battery life, the camera also has low-battery notifications, so you can be sure to recharge it before it runs out of power, or connect with the Reolink solar panel to get non-stop free power.

Solar power reolink security camera

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a versatile and reliable security camera, the Reolink Argus 2E Camera is definitely worth considering.

With its wire-free operation, rechargeable battery and solar power options, stunning video quality, night vision capabilities, 2-way audio, live view access, motion detection, and weatherproof design, this camera has everything you need to keep your home, garden, or office safe and secure.

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